Pet Project: My First Multiplayer Online Game

Updated on: 20 May 2020

For most of my career as a software developer, a lot of projects that I did were for clients. If not, then I would be working on a proof-of-concepts or a trivial program to learn a new framework or platform.

What got me into software development was definitely because of video games. To say I love video games is an understatement. I really LOVE games from the tech that runs it and the plots of the game.

However, because of my background and many missed opportunities, the chance to get into the gaming industry was too unlikely and I end up becoming a software developer specialising in the web-domain.

With that said, I did manage to delve into 3d animation and write some simple gaming-related projects. I  made attempts to write a web-based and android game. But those did not go too far as instead of trying to use game engines and tools like Unity or Unreal Engine, I opted to build my game engines. 

But I am grateful that because of those game engines, I gained knowledge which I can apply somewhere else I will share in another post.

The closest I got to creating and launching a game was a web-based online multiplayer based on the classic Windows game Rodents Revenge. I titled the game Rodents Online

The game was built using NodeJS, ExpressJS and Socket.IO. I got so far as make a playable game but unfortunately once I hosted it online on an AWS EC2 server, the latency was just too bad. It was disheartening and I shelfed the game before I could make improvements.

Now comes 2020 and the world is ravaged by the Corona virus. With a lot of my time in my hands, I decided to take a look back into the game and lo & behold, I've successfully launched it. The latency is gone and it looks like a playable game that the people can consume.

The game is still in its beta phase and missing a lot of features. You can enjoy and play it at

Below are some screenshots of the game:

In my next post for pet projects, I will go for a tech-dive into making of Rodents Online.

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