Hello World: It's my First Post.

Updated on: 20 May 2020

I've finally launched my tech blog. This has been a plan in the making since when I first started my professional career as a software developer but due to time-constraints and other commitments, the blog has taken a back-seat. 

After several years of being in the industry, now that I've launched enough production-ready software projects, I've accumulated enough knowledge that is worthwhile to share in hopes that it will help budding software developers.

My aim for this tech blog is just let is be a place for me to record my noteworthy projects as a way to memorialise my small achievements as well as let it grow to be a library of technical noteworthy content, experiences, knowledge that I've gained as a software developer.

And I hope that this small and what will most likely be an inconsequently blog will not only improve myself in ways that I cannot expect but will also help those who are in the industry or are planning to get a foot in. 

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